Current and Past Projects:



JavaMon is an extensible, free-source, fully-documented game engine which aims to provide a suite of tools and templates for developing 2D RPG-style games. The engine includes a turn-based battle engine, 2D sandbox maps, and event-based scripting. The primary languages for this engine are Java and Lua but you need almost no programming experience to create your own game!

The engine is finished and is currently open to selected beta-testers, with an open-source release expected by the end of 2018 or early 2019. Copyrighted material is never distributed with JavaMon, ensuring that you can use it in most any project.

Wyoming Global Technology Summit

I assisted my advisor Jeff Clune with editing a video of his research talk at the Wyoming Global Technology Summit, 2017. See the video here.

Web/Graphic Design

In my spare time, I do freelance web design and graphic design for clients. This includes: creating new websites, maintaining existing websites, designing logos, converting raster-based designs to vector, restoring old photos, etc. I am well versed in HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Photoshop, and many other languages and software (a complete list is available on my CV).

I also designed the website for my previous job at Brandeis University's Getz Multimedia Lab. You can check out the website here (update: this seems to be down at the moment).

Game Mods

Several of my more popular mods are listed below. Unfortunately, I don't have much time for modding games any more, so this list won't be growing very quickly.

File: Description:
Enhanced Saber Realism A mod for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Inspired by a previous author's work, this modification enhances lightsaber damage and dismemberment for more realistic combat. A must for this game!
Items and Gameplay Mod A mod for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Adds several new lightsaber colors, new guns, lightsaber crystals, and armor. Also overhauls the skill/stat progressions for all character classes to make them more true to their in-game description. Known to produce occasional dialogue bugs in some games (remove the *.dlg files if you have trouble).
ZMOD v3.1 A mod for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. One of my most popular mods, this was part of a larger project to create a new 5-act story building upon the ending events of the original game. While the project was ultimately abandoned due to time constraints, this modification contains many of the new items and gameplay overhauls, including a general increase in difficulty. Note that a bug in this version prevents you from killing the Countess in Act 1 (all other quests function normally).
Glass Duel A multiplayer map for Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Won second place in the JK3Files beginner-level map contest.